Currently, ShipBob does not support the products listed below in our Europe Network.

If products in violation of these guidelines are sent to ShipBob’s Network, they will be returned or disposed of at the cost to the party sending them. ShipBob is not responsible for any costs or losses incurred related to these products as we cannot safely ship or store them. Products that cannot be safely returned will be destroyed.

  • Products that have been illegally replicated, reproduced, or manufactured.

  • Products prohibited by law in their place of origin, destination, or any location through which such products might travel.

  • Products with unauthorized marketing materials.

  • Products that are unable to be packed within a ShipBob Standard Box and are not ship-ready or using custom packaging.

  • Products that are unable to fit in a standard pallet 54x48x40 inches.

  • Products that are accompanied by custom packaging.

  • Product for which a consumer safety advisory warning or recall has been issued.

  • Defective and/or damaged products.

    • A quality check is completed during the receiving process. Please refer to this article for more information.

  • Products that ShipBob otherwise determines as unsuitable.

Examples of prohibited products include but are not limited to the following:

Agricultural Products

  • Live, Dead, or Dried Plants and Animals

  • Perishable Products

  • Soil or Soil Enhancing Products

Hazardous Products (Some hazardous products are accepted with restrictions)

  • Aerosols

  • Biohazards (Or any product that may contain contagions)

  • Explosives (Ammunition, Fireworks, Flares, etc.)

  • Corrosive materials (Mercury, Sulfuric Acid)

  • Fertilizers and Pesticides

  • Flammable Solids (Wet Wipes)

  • Lead Acid Batteries

  • Poison

  • Radioactive Materials

  • Raw Chemicals

  • Toxic Gas (Chlorine or other toxic gases)

High-Value Products

  • Any item with a manufacturing value above $300 (Effective February 20, 2022).

  • Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, etc.)

  • Currency

Pharmaceutical Products

  • CBD Products containing Delta 8

  • Hemp Products

  • Prescription Drugs

Weapons or Weapon Accessories

  • Aiming Accessories

  • Ammunition

  • BB Guns

  • Firearms and Firearm Accessories

  • Pepper Spray

  • Tasers

Other Products

  • Alcoholic Beverages that contain any alcohol content above 0.00%

  • CBD Products containing more than 0.3% THC

  • Counterfeit Items

  • Drug Paraphernalia

  • Engines

  • Foamed Parrafin Products (ex. Candles)

  • Marijuana

  • Military or law enforcement equipment (Such as protective gear, restraints, night-vision devices, etc.)

  • Products with a Strong Smell (ex. Coffee, Spices)

  • Raw Hemp (Products made from Hemp Seed, Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Flower)

  • Tobacco (Or any product that may contain nicotine)

  • Vape Products & E-Cigarettes


The below items are not automatically included in ShipBob’s fulfillment services and have strict requirements that must be met prior to entering ShipBob’s Network. It is your responsibility to ensure all requirements are met. For successful onboarding, please coordinate closely with our Sales and Merchant Care teams.

If products in violation of the requirements are received within ShipBob’s Network, they will be returned or disposed of at the cost to the party sending them. ShipBob is not responsible for any costs or losses incurred related to these products. Products that cannot be safely returned will be destroyed.

  • Adult Items and Toys (Must be discreetly packaged)

  • Airsoft Guns Or Any Item Resembling A Firearm (Subject to ShipBob approval and must ship via UPS)

  • Fragile Products (Outer packaging must mark the item as fragile)

  • Food Products of Animal Origin (Honey, Milk, Animal Feed)

  • Gift cards (ShipBob is not responsible for any losses associated with gift cards)

  • Knives (Must be packaged for safe handling)

  • Medical Devices (Only Class I Medical Devices are accepted)

  • Products Exceeding 50 lbs in Weight (All items above 50lbs are subject to ShipBob approval)

  • Products Containing Hazardous Materials. Including but not limited to:

    • Batteries (Please review ShipBob’s Battery Policy)

    • Flammable Liquids (Hand Sanitizer, Perfumes, Nail Polish)

      • Note: All hazardous items have a maximum weight of 15lbs which includes the weight of the item, the packaging material, and dunnage. To ensure your item and packaging are under the 15lb weight limit, please review ShipBob’s Standard Box Sizes.

  • Products containing alcohol must have less than 80% alcohol content

  • Oxidizing Substances (Peroxides, Cleaning Products)

  • Pseudo Pharmaceuticals (Non-prescription medication/supplements)

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