Steps to Set Up Shopify:


From the ShipBob dashboard, click on Quick Setup > Store Integrations > Shopify


Select to navigate to the Shopify Store Setting page at the top of the box if you do not see your Shopify store listed.


Shopify's app store will open automatically. Click on Add app then Approve the installation of the ShipBob app by clicking on the Install app button at the bottom of the page. Note: If you are not logged in to your Shopify account on the browser, you will first need to log in. Please don’t try to uninstall the app as it will cause communication issues between ShipBob and Shopify.


You will automatically be redirected back to your ShipBob dashboard and the store selection page. To finish the installation flow you will need to select Manage to configure product settings, fulfillment settings, order settings, and inventory settings.

If you are managing a new integration, you will notice a yellow banner (see below) indicating the 5 settings that must be configured to ensure a seamless integration with Shopify and ShipBob.

🚨 Newly introduced settings:

Fulfill ShipBob line items only

Bulk order import

This setting is also easily available on the Orders page under “Actions”

Payment status


Will my Shopify stores still show under Quick Setup?

No, they will only be available under the new UI

Will the previous setting options under ”My Account“ still be visible?

Yes, for the time-being. However, these settings will be synced with the new UI until they are fully deprecated from the old UI. So, if you make a change on ”My Account“ Shopify order delay, for example, that will be reflected in the new UI.

Are any settings global?

Yes, there is only 1 global setting and that is Automatic Processing Pause. Toggling this will impact all your stores connected to ShipBob (not only Shopify). We have included a disclaimer/note under that setting description.

What about the non-Shopify experience?

We hope to bring this new settings management UI to all our native integrations in the future!


To provide a smooth and easy fulfillment process, you need to correctly set up your Shopify store. Here's how:

Set Your Products to ShipBob Fulfillment

Set your Products with ShipBob as a fulfillment service. Note: You will need to update each product/variant** separately. From your Shopify admin page > Click on Products.

On the page for each product (or product variant), scroll down to the Inventory Panel. Under Inventory is managed by select the Fulfillment Service created on the ShipBob app (“ShipBobFulfillment-XXXXX”).

Product Variant: You add variants to a product that comes in more than one option, such as size or color. Each combination of options for a product is a variant for that product.

Inventory Managed by Other Fulfillment Services/Manual

In case your inventory is managed using several fulfillment services you can set your products as Manual or Other, as needed. Please be aware we will fulfill products with any Fulfillment Service assigned, but we will only be able to upload tracking correctly for products with the ShipBob Fulfillment Service assigned.

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