At ShipBob, our goal is to automatically assign orders to the fulfillment center that will deliver your order to your customers at the lowest cost and transit time. See below to learn how ShipBob allocates orders to ensure you are distributing and replenishing your stock efficiently throughout the ShipBob Fulfillment Network.

US to US orders

ShipBob will allocate US orders to the fulfillment center that is closest in distance to the destination address. If the closest location does not have all of the items in the order in stock, we will allocate the shipment to the next closest location.

International orders (cross-border)

International orders will automatically allocate to the closest in-country fulfillment center to avoid cross-border fees. If that warehouse is out of stock of all items in the order, then the order will be assigned to the fulfillment center with the lowest shipping cost. In the instance that there are multiple locations that provide the lowest shipping cost, ShipBob will assign to the warehouse with the closest distance to the customer.

Some of our global fulfillment centers such as Canada and Australia are now able to ship outside of these countries. We understand some of you may only want our global fulfillment centers to only fulfill orders that are in-country and move the order to exception if the in-country fulfillment center does not have inventory in stock to fulfill the order. To do this, you can create destination based fulfillment rules on the ShipBob dashboard to specify the fulfillment centers that can be assigned to an order based on the destination country.

Note: If the items included in the shipment are out of stock in all locations, the order will go into the “Exception” status and be fulfilled by the fulfillment center receiving stock first.

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