Grow your ecommerce business by shipping orders from ShipBob's United States fulfillment centers.

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ShipBob US Locations

Shipping Times & Carriers

Customs, Duties & Taxes

Checklist for Success

Frequently Asked Questions

ShipBob US Locations

With 20+ fulfillment centers located throughout the United States, you can utilize ShipBob's multiple fulfillment centers to distribute your inventory -- getting you closer to your customers, and cutting down on both shipping time and costs.

Click here to see a list of ShipBob's US fulfillment centers.

Shipping Times & Carriers

Your customers demand 2-day shipping in the US, and with ShipBob you can deliver a fast shipping promise. You have the ability to achieve 100% 2-day shipping coverage across the continental United States, even from a single fulfillment center.

Other shipping options (in business days):

  • Standard: 3-7 days

  • Priority: 2-5 days

  • Expedited: 2-3 days

ShipBob partners with UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, and numerous last mile delivery services to secure discounted shipping rates and fast delivery.

Customs, Duties, & Freight

Along with the customs, duties, and becoming a non-resident importer, ShipBob will walk you through the process for organizing freight into our United States FCs.

We'll leverage your own relationships with carriers or leveraging Shipbob's already existing relationship with cross-border freight specialists.

The team at Shipbob will assist you with making sure your process of sending inventory is seamless and properly documented for every step of the process. If your business is located outside of the US, Shipbob’s internal team will assist you with the following;

  1. Obtaining a Employer Identification Number (EIN) and LLC registration

  2. Assessing Duties and Taxes required to import into US

  3. Ensuring your products have proper labeling if necessary

CHECKLIST: Ecommerce Success in the US

Expanding into new markets is intimidating. But with ShipBob’s expertise and global fulfillment solution, it’s easy to start selling and shipping within the United States. Just follow these simple steps to get started!

Confirm products can be sold and shipped

While product restrictions are largely the same across markets, you should always check that your products can be sold and shipped within the United States.

Complete business requirements to sell

To sell in the United States and to ensure ShipBob can ship your orders, you need an EIN (Employer Identification Number) and recommend also registering with an LLC.

Don’t have your EIN and/or LLC? We've partnered with Firstbase to help you get all set up! To get the conversation started, fill out the form here.

Request access in the ShipBob dashboard

To activate the fulfillment center within the ShipBob dashboard, simply request access on the Locations page. You should also review pricing and shipping zones with your direct ShipBob contact, or reach out to

Secure a freight partner to move inventory

If you don’t already have a freight partner that can ship your goods to the United States, you’ll need one. A freight forwarder will help manage and transport your shipment from you or your manufacturer to our United States facilities. Our team can connect you with the right partner to help you with this process.

Send inventory to ShipBob

Simply follow instructions for ShipBob’s standard WRO process to send inventory to our fulfillment center. If you’re a current ShipBob customer and want to transfer inventory from anotherShipBob fulfillment center, you can work with your ShipBob contact or email to set up an internal transfer.

Start shipping orders!

Once one of our United States fulfillment centers receives your inventory, please allow the standard 3-business day receiving SLA before we fulfill your first order. All order information will be found on the same pages in your ShipBob dashboard.

Optimize your US ecommerce strategy

Tell your American customers that you’ll be fulfilling locally. This communication can reduce cart abandonment previously attributed to the perceived pains of international deliveries (e.g. expensive shipping, long transit times, and having to pay customs and import duties).

Mitigate consumer confusion and increase confidence by updating your checkout to show local rates and estimated delivery times, and make sure your American store is in local currency (USD).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I contact somebody to learn more or get started?

    To request a meeting with a ShipBob fulfillment expert, visit this page, complete the “Request Fulfillment Pricing” form, and we'll get in touch shortly.

    If you’re a current client, you can also reach out to your primaryShipBob contact or for more information.

  • What is required to sell in the United States?

    You need to register for your Employer Identification Number (EIN) and we recommend having an LLC. If you do not have this set up today, we recommend and are happy to provide a direct introduction to their team.

  • Which carriers will ShipBob use in the United States?

    We utilize UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, and other regional carriers to perform our deliveries across the country. See the average time-in-transit performance across ShipBob’s US network from the four leading shipping carriers and ShipBob’s regional carriers.

  • What shipping options are available in the United States?

    ShipBob offers both standard and expedited services within the United States, as well as internationally. We also offer a ShipBob 2-Day service for merchants looking to provide 2-Day delivery to their customers.

  • What is the average transit time?

    The average transit time within the US is 3-7 business days for orders sent via standard shipping, 2-5 business days for priority shipping, 2-3 business days for expedited, and 1-2 business days for ShipBob’s 2-Day Express shipping. You can see real-time data across the ShipBob network here.

  • What are the standard operations at the US fulfillment centers?

    We are committed to consistency across all of our fulfillment centers globally. All of ShipBob’s fulfillment centers adhere to the same standard operations.

  • What is the pricing for the US fulfillment?

    Pricing is calculated the same way across all fulfillment centers, according to standard ShipBob pricing.

    If you’re a current ShipBob customer, simply request access to a United States facility on the Locations page in your ShipBob dashboard. Once you’ve been approved for the location, you will be able to view pricing on the Pricing page. You can also reach out to your ShipBob contact to review your pricing for the US location.

    If you’re not a current ShipBob customer, you can request a quote and work with one of our fulfillment experts to build out a pricing plan based on your unique needs.

  • Is B2B/wholesale fulfillment supported at US fulfillment centers?

    Yes, all of our US fulfillment centers support order fulfillment for retail partners. We fulfill both small batch B2B orders, as well as EDI-automated retail distribution (wholesale orders sent to retailers) and retail dropshipping (orders placed on

  • Is FBA prep or FBM supported at the US fulfillment centers?

    We currently support both FBA prep and FBM in all of our US fulfillment centers.

  • Are returns supported at the US fulfillment centers?

    Yes, our US fulfillment centers will process returns for orders that originated from that facility and return labels generated from within the United States. You can use ShipBob to generate return labels or integrate with one of our return partners, Happy Returns, Loop Returns, or Returnly.

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