About Fulfill

Fulfil is a modern ERP built for DTC and wholesale eCommerce merchants to help enable them scale operations across the whole business - from manufacturing to fulfillment. With a 100% open API, Fulfill gives merchants the ability to manage the most complex operational workflows, regardless of their unique operational needs.

What does the Fulfill integration do?

The Fulfill integration allows merchants to use their ERP as the source of truth for their operations in terms of products, inventory, fulfillment and tracking while ShipBob powers the logistics component of the order process.

Customer Shipments: choose to sync direct to consumer orders from Fulfill to Shipbob for order preparation, packaging and shipping. During setup, a user can request to sync historical order data up to the previous 60 days.

Tracking Information: automatically sync tracking information from ShipBob to the order record in Fulfill so order records are updated between platforms for transparency.

Warehouse Receiving Orders: create and send WRO’s from Fulfill to Shipbob to have inventory properly packaged and shipped to ShipBob warehouses for stocking needs. Sync WRO acknowledgment to Fulfill from ShipBob to acknowledge receipt of request, information associated with expected packages and delivery dates to ShipBob fulfillment center and WRO completion and quantities received.

If you have questions about installing this integration, please reach out to our Merchant Care Team.

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