Integration Setup

Step 1: Locate the QuickBooks Online App

Go to the ShipBob dashboard → click Integrations on the side navigation bar then select App Store and choose QuickBooks online to start the integration process.

On the next page, select Connect App.

Step 2: Connect ShipBob and QuickBooks

To start the setup process you need to connect both your ShipBob account and QuickBooks Online connectors. To start, click Connect for the QuickBooks Online app.

Fill out the Quickbooks Email or User ID and Password. Then, click Sign In.

Once the authentication is done you will be redirected to the company selection UI.

Select the company and click the Next button.

Step 3: Give ShipBob access to your QuickBooks data

Once that is done come back to the ShipBob QuickBooks online app in the Connection Settings screen and click Connect for the ShipBob app.

Enter your ShipBob Username and Password. Then, click Login.

On the next page, you need to grant ShipBob access to the relevant information.

Under the Channel Selection panel, you can use your existing QuickBooks Online channel or select create new channel and type in the unique name for the channel, and select Allow & Install.

Once finished, a success message will appear on the screen. You can then close this tab and proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Configure your sync settings

Define what data you want to sync to/from ShipBob (products, inventory), by checking the box next to each one.

Once finished, click Save.

Now, set up a sync schedule for your app.

• If you don't want ShipBob to automatically sync data from Quickbooks Online, select Pause. (that is the default option).

• If you want ShipBob to automatically sync data from Quickbooks Online, choose the syncing frequency from the dropdown list.

You can now see your Quickbooks online integration is marked as Active.

• At any time, you can click Sync Now, to trigger the syncing process.

• You can also change the connection settings or syncing schedule by clicking the relevant links.

• Under Sync Logs, you will see all syncing jobs that occurred for this integration.

Disable Integration:

From the ShipBob dashboard, click Integrations and then click on My Apps on the side navigation bar, then click the three-dots on the QuickBooks tile.

Go to the connection settings page by clicking on the connection settings option.

Scroll down and click the Uninstall button.

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