Transfer Inventory to Amazon for FBA

At ShipBob, we make it easy for you to concentrate on the essential aspects of your business by handling the tedious task of getting goods prepared for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

If you are a US-based merchant doing Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) sales on Amazon, ShipBob can automate the packing and shipping labels for parcels you buy through ShipBob or Amazon. This will drastically reduce the time it takes for FBA orders to be processed, allowing merchants to fulfill their orders more quickly.

*Note - Prepaid shipping and FBA labels must still be provided and attached by merchants directly to orders containing Serial SKUs until September 7th, 2022.


  • Can't submit an FBA shipment through your existing ShipBob and Amazon integration?

    • If you haven't shipped an Amazon order via the integration in a while, verify your authentication with Amazon.

  • How can I send inventory in bulk to Amazon for FBA?

    • We are actively working on streamlining the FBA freight workflow by our Product & Engineering department. We will send out communications as soon as we have a release date!

  • Serial scanning & FBA Prep

    • The serial number will not be scanned on orders going through this flow

  • Can I edit a FBA shipment on ShipBob once submitted?

    • Unfortunately, no. For any changes to an order, you will need to cancel it on ShipBob and Amazon Seller Central and re-submit it following the flow above.

    • Once the order has been created, the "edit" option will no longer be available and the message below will show in the order details.

    • The order should not be updated on Amazon's platform or the label generation process will fail.

Amazon FBA Setup Checklist

Create an FBA Parcel Shipment

Looking to create an FBA shipment for you freight/LTL shipment? Click here

Select the preview below to see a walk through on how to create an FBA Prep order for a parcel shipment:

  1. Create a transfer in your ShipBob dashboard here:

  2. On the next page, select Amazon FBA as the destination for the new order

3. Organize your FBA transfer:

  1. On the left, select the store this order will be created for

  2. Under “Select Fulfillment Center”, choose the FC location these items will be shipped from

    1. Select the item(s) you want to ship

    2. Confirm the item quantity and select “labeling method”

      1. ShipBob will apply Amazon labels - ShipBob will prepare the parcels with provided labels

      2. Amazon will apply Amazon Labels - Amazon will label the prepared items upon delivery from a ShipBob facility

      3. Amazon item labels have already been applied - All FBA labels are confirmed to be attached to all items being sent

      4. Amazon item labels are not needed - No Amazon item labels will be needed for items be shipped

*Note - If “ShipBob will apply item labels” is selected, please be sure to upload PDF labels directly to the product line item (PDF file format is required - 30 labels per page 8.5 x 11 option).

4. Next, choose a shipping method you would like your FBA shipment to leverage

a. Discounted Parcel from ShipBob (Buy shipping labels from ShipBob)

b. Amazon Arranged Parcel (ShipBob will purchase shipping labels directly from your seller central account and you will see the label charge reflected in your seller central account. ShipBob will charge you for prepaid shipping labels.)

*Note - Shipping labels purchased by the merchant directly from a carrier will not be able to be uploaded to the order through this automated process. The only options will be to have ShipBob provide the label or use Amazon's.

5. Review the shipment and select “create order” to finalize the shipment plan. Once created, the following will happen:

a. Following the creation of your order, you will be redirected to the orders page where you can view the external transfer order (ETO) and FBA shipment id

b. You can verify Amazon FBA transfer details in your Seller Central account after ShipBob creates a shipment.

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