ShipBob will do everything possible to use the smallest available container to package each order. Because ShipBob processes millions of orders, ShipBob will not be able to choose the smallest container every single time.

If ShipBob commits a process error in choosing the size of packaging, ShipBob will refund the difference between the container size that was used and the optimal container size (as long as the order meets the conditions outlined in the ‘Process Errors’ section at the bottom of this document).

Process for Evaluating Disputes:

If you believe an order or set of orders have been packaged incorrectly, you can raise this dispute via email to our Merchant Care Team. In the email, please detail:

  • Order ID(s) you believe we incorrectly packaged. Please only send order IDs that contain a unique combination of items. Example: If two orders contain the same item and the same quantity of each item, you only need to provide one of the order IDs. If an error is found in how ShipBob packaged a combination of items, ShipBob will analyze all orders containing that set of items when calculating a credit.

  • What packaging you believe ShipBob should have used for the mentioned order(s). You can find ShipBob’s standard packaging guide here.

ShipBob will conduct a “packaging fit check” for each unique combination stated in your email. This will consist of ShipBob picking each item and attempting to manually fit those items into the packaging you have noted. ShipBob cannot evaluate a credit request without all items on hand in our warehouse.

Because each packaging fit check requires the time of ShipBob associates, we need to limit the number of fit tests conducted to only those orders that are likely incorrect. Because ShipBob does not want to discourage correcting any potential processing errors, every merchant will be allotted 10 free packaging fit check requests each quarter. These 10 check requests will reset every quarter. Any fit check that reveals a ShipBob processing error (as defined below) will not count toward the 10 free fit checks per quarter. Deductions will only be made if the fit check reveals that ShipBob has not committed any errors. Once a merchant uses up all free quarterly checks, additional fit checks can still be requested, but there will be a $10.00 merchant processing fee if no processing error by ShipBob is found. All fit check requests will receive a photo of the merchant’s requested packaging size trial.

If the items do fit into the suggested packaging and are not covered in the ‘Not Process Errors’ section below, merchants will receive a credit for orders shipped in the last 90 days that were incorrectly packaged. In addition, ShipBob will provide documentation of all order IDs, the price that was charged, the correct packaging size, and the price that should have originally been charged.

Why ShipBob Won’t Always Select Optimal Packaging:

To provide a consistent packaging experience, ShipBob utilizes a sophisticated algorithm that chooses the packaging size for each order. This algorithm looks at the length, width and height of every item in an order to determine the necessary poly mailer, box, or bubble mailer size for use. As a result, items with unique properties (as outlined below) will not always receive an optimal packaging selection. Please read more about our packaging selection process here.

Not Process Errors:

The below qualifiers are not eligible for credit or packaging fit check requests:

  • High-quantity Orders: Any order containing more than 50 units.

  • Nestable Items: Any items that can be nested inside one another. Examples include baseball caps, hats, bowls, etc.

  • Compressible Items: Items that can compress and fit into smaller cartons. Examples include stuffed animals and fluffy blankets. If you ship highly compressible items, please contact support@shipbob.com and we’ll work to optimize shipping costs.

  • Uniquely-Shaped Items: Items that are spherical, interlocking, or shaped substantially different from a rectangle or square.

  • Packaging Preference Error: When an incorrect packaging preference is accidently chosen for one or more items at order input. Examples include selecting a box versus a poly mailer at order input.

  • Split Orders: Orders that are split into multiple shipments by a packer to prevent damage in transit.

Process Errors:

Any error meeting the below criteria that is not covered in the section on ‘Not Process Errors’ is eligible for a credit. Here is more information about operations error policies.

  • Timing: The order must have been shipped within 90 days of notification to ShipBob.

  • Item Availability: ShipBob must have all items (or a variant of an item) in our warehouse. A variant is an identical product to the SKU in question that may differ in color but not in size or shape.

  • Weight: In a given order, the weight of an item represented in the ShipBob dashboard is different from the actual weight by more than 1 ounce. Please keep in mind that weights of individual units can differ;ShipBob will look at the average weight of a product.

  • Dimension: In a given order, the length, width or height of an item in the ShipBob dashboard is different from the actual measurement by more than 0.5 inches.

  • Packer Error/Box Stockout: If the incorrect box was used either because the packer made an error and selected the wrong packaging size or ShipBob ran out of a particular packaging material and had to use a larger container.

Implementation Team Error: If the implementation team made an error during account set up of use of custom sizes in the algorithm.

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