In all of our fulfillment centers, we have 3 locations that your products can be stored. When you read "1 SKU per location", it refers to a bin, shelf or pallet location, not a fulfillment center location. You can store multiple SKUs at any of our fulfillment center locations. We store each SKU separately to ensure accurate picking when we ship out your orders.

Standard Locations Sizes:

Standard Location




48" x 40" x 54"



42" x 12" x 23"



21" x 7" x 11"


Note! Any pallets that are sent to ShipBob above 54 inches may incur an additional charge in receiving as we will need to break them down into multiple pallets to fit into our racking.

  1. A Bin

  1. A Shelf

  1. A Pallet

NOTE: You cannot currently request a type of space in our warehouse. Our operations staff is trained to store items in as few locations and smallest cost efficient space as possible while maintaining their ability to operate and manage thousands of locations. Because of this, we cannot guarantee a specific type of location. Rest assured, we start with the Bin location, then move to a shelf and finally a pallet only if they do not fit in the previous spot to save you money. Please note that after initial receiving and stowing in the optimum location, we can't guarantee inventory consolidation.

For additional service and pricing information, read here.

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