*Important Notice*

Amazon is enforcing that we cannot retain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for longer than 30 days after the delivery date, per their requirements. Below are answers to questions related to what this means for you.

What counts as PII (Personally Identifiable Information)?

PII includes data such as customer name, street address, email address, and other information that permits the identity of an individual to be directly or indirectly inferred.

When will this go into effect?

As of Monday, August 30, 2021, ShipBob will redact all PII data for Amazon shipments after they have been delivered for 30 days, and automatically redact future PII data after the 30-day period.

When does the 30 days kick in?

ShipBob will only be able to retain PII data for 30 days after the shipment arrives at the end destination.

What will show up in ShipBob after shipments have been delivered for 30 days?

Of your customers’ data, we will replace first name, last name, street address, and other PII with “Redacted” after the 30-day period. Certain data that is not considered PII that will remain includes shipment tracking IDs, zip code, city, state, and any other information that is not linked to an individual.

What does this mean for the claims process and returns?

The current claims process should be followed, and we don’t expect any changes to it. You can still file any claims directly by emailing claims@shipbob.com. Please refer to our claims process here.

ShipBob does not store name or address on a return order, and the return will still be linked to the order it was created from. You would be able to look up the order number in Amazon to issue refunds.

For any questions, please contact your Merchant Success Manager or ShipBob’s Merchant Care team.

Amazon FBA

FBA means Fulfilled by Amazon. “You sell it. We ship it” in Amazon’s terms. With FBA, the seller stores products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers where Amazon will pick, pack, and ship those products.

ShipBob CANNOT fulfill these orders at the moment. 


Amazon FBM

FBM means Fulfilled by Merchant. With FBM, the seller lists the product on Amazon and handles storage and all aspects of order fulfillment.

ShipBob CAN fulfill these orders at the moment. 


Amazon (Seller Fulfilled) Prime 

You are eligible to offer Prime shipping if you have good standing with a Professional Account, existing premium shipping order volume and outstanding performance metrics.

ShipBob CANNOT fulfill these orders at the moment.

To recap, ShipBob can fulfill Amazon FBM, not FBA or orders eligible for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime. Even without the prime tag, you can still offer fast shipping on your Amazon FBM account. Ask us how on the live-chat located on the bottom right corner of your dashboard or email us at support@shipbob.com.

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