What happens if I choose ShipBob Freight?
There is an option to utilize ShipBob's vast network of carriers by selecting "ShipBob Freight" when creating your B2B order. If this option is chosen as the shipping method, we will not provide a quote and this will be automatically shipped out and billed to your order.

Please Note:

  • In case additional services are needed (e.g. Lift Gate needed for delivery, notify prior, limited access), the carrier may apply additional fees to your freight order. By selecting this shipping method, you give consent to have ShipBob use our selected freight provider and fees.

  • Please make sure to include the ShipBob order ID on your BOL.

  • No minimum or maximum pallet count required to book freight with ShipBob.

  • Reefer Freight is an option for ShipBob Freight. (please reach out to support@shipbob.com for more info)

Does ShipBob book international freight?
Unfortunately not.

How do I know if my shipment is a freight shipment?
Any shipment over 150lbs and/or with dimensions larger than 30” L X30” W X30” H is likely a freight shipment.

There are 3 types of freight shipments:

  1. Less than Truck Load (LTL) = 1 to 6 pallets

  2. Partial Truck Load (PTL) = 6 to 12 pallets

  3. Full Truck Load (FTL) = 12 to 24 pallets

What is the typical size of a pallet?
A typical pallet is:

48” L X 40” W X #” H

48” L X 48” W X #” H

48” L X 96” W X #” H

Note: The height of the pallet varies.

What is the maximum height of a pallet?
The max. height of a pallet is 80” for PTL and LTL. The max. height of a pallet for a FTL is 96”.

What is the maximum number of pallets that I can send?
There is no maximum; a dedicated 53' foot container can accommodate up to 26 pallets that are not stackable.

What if the pickup location/destination does not have access to a lift gate or fork lift?
This is not a problem; however, locations with a dock or forklift will normally have higher transit rates. Our network of carriers can accommodate lift gates and box trucks.

Note: All ShipBob fulfillment centers have a loading dock/fork lift.

Who needs to create the order & WRO?
You are expected to create the order & WRO. For more information on creating and submitting a WRO, click here .

What is the procedure after freight is booked?

  • The freight can only be booked once the inventory is ready to be picked up.

  • For self-arranged freight, you must schedule an appointment before picking-up the orders from our FCs. Click here to schedule an appointment.

  • Once the freight is booked, a bill of landing (BOL) will be sent to the shipper. Three copies of the BOL are needed for this shipment: one copy for the driver, one copy for the shipper, and one copy for the recipient.

  • WRO must be attached to all the pallets, and the number of pallets must be clearly labeled. (Ex: If sending 2 pallets, each pallet will require a WRO and should be labeled 1/2 and 2/2, respectively.)

What does the shipper need to do when the inventory is picked up?

  • Make sure someone who is authorized to sign off on the shipments is present when the truck arrives.

  • When the freight is loaded, the driver needs to sign the shipper's BOL and attach the PRO label.

  • After the freight has reached its destination, a final confirmation will be sent to the shipper.

  • Best practice: take pictures of the inventory prior to loading in case any loss or damage to inventory is reported.

What if the inventory is shipped without a WRO?
If the inventory is shipped without a WRO, you will be subjected to additional fees. The fulfillment center will not receive the inventory until the WRO is created.

What happens if the freight is not picked up or delivered on time?
Unfortunately, there can be a day variability sometimes when inventory is picked up or delivered. The freight companies try to pool inventory from various pickup locations for LTL and PTL, which can cause a delay in pickup/delivery time.

Note: There is no compensation or refund for delay in pickup/drop off on inventory.

What if the inventory is damaged or lost in transit?
This will be handled on a case by case basis. ShipBob will be the intermediary between the shipper and freight company and will handle the entire claim process on behalf of the shipper.

In this unfortunate circumstance, please provide ShipBob with all information regarding the shipment as soon as possible. This will help speed up the claim process. The amount will be refunded only after the claim is settled.

If product arrives damaged, it must be notated on the BOL at the time of delivery.

Can ShipBob deliver to UNFI?

Yes, ShipBob has a network of UNFI approved carriers to make final delivery.

Can ShipBob deliver to Amazon?

Yes, ShipBob has a network of Amazon approved carriers to make final delivery.

How long does a claim take to process?
The claim process can take anywhere between 1-6 months to be solved.

What information do I need to provide to file a claim?

  • Proof of delivery (POD) - which includes damages notated at time of delivery.

  • Photos of inventory when shipped

  • Photos of actual damages (to packaging and/or goods)

  • The original invoice showing the cost paid for the goods.

  • A repair estimate (if applicable)

For any other questions regarding freight, please contact our Merchant Care team. 

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