When you’re expecting a large or unprecedented spike in order volume for an upcoming sales promotion, new product launch, manual upload of a large volume of orders to the dashboard, or if you know you will be featured in a TV show or other event, we kindly ask that you make ShipBob aware as soon as possible.

While we know you can’t always anticipate every major spike in demand, we would greatly appreciate if you could notify us in advance of expected increases. Of course, we will fulfill your orders regardless; the more information we have, the better we can plan for capacity and forecasting purposes. Without proper notification in advance, we may not be able to fulfill your orders within our normal service levels.

If you’re planning to run any promotions this holiday season, we ask that you let us know so we can properly plan for the influx in orders. Please fill out this short form with details about any marketing pushes or planned promotional events.
The more specific and detailed information we have, the better and more accurately we can plan for capacity and forecasting purposes.

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