At ShipBob, we do our best to fulfill every order as perfectly as we can at all times. However, we are human and, on occasion, we do make mistakes! For any such error, we want to ensure that we provide a remedy for the mistake and come to a swift resolution. Please see below for our policies on specific instances.

To continue to reduce our error rates, we need your help in bringing the specific errors to our operations teams' attention and putting measures in place to prevent them going forward. Please make sure to include the Order ID and nature of the error in your inquiry to our Merchant Care team. We appreciate it!

Please Note: ShipBob will gladly reconcile operations errors within 90 days from the date of the transaction.

  • Picking Errors

  • Packaging Errors

  • Order Swaps

  • Lost Inventory

  • Fulfillment delays caused by ShipBob

Picking Errors:

If it is determined that ShipBob has made an error in the picking of items or quantities of items, you can choose from the following:

  •  ShipBob will generate a return label to return the incorrect inventory at our expense as well as generate a new order to send the correct items and/or quantities at our expense and ship via USPS Priority (if the original order was shipped via standard) or if the order was shipped via a faster option than Standard, we will match the ship option for the replacement order.

  • ShipBob will credit up to $100 of the manufacturer's value (per order). This is a good solution if you don't want to ask the end customer to return the items. 

ShipBob cannot generate international return labels, so we will credit you for the cost to your customer of returning the incorrect items with a valid invoice OR the manufacturing cost, whichever cost is lower.

Packaging Errors:

If it is determined that ShipBob has made an error in the packing of items or quantities of items (such as the incorrect entry of weights or dimensions leading to a higher price), ShipBob will apply a credit for the difference between what the order was invoiced at and what the invoiced amount should have been.

Note: this does not include packages damaged in transit. 

Order Swaps:

If it is determined that ShipBob has swapped orders (e.g. sent Customer A a package for Customer B and vice versa), ShipBob will credit the manufacturer's value of the products in the order and create reshipments to the proper recipients at our cost.

Lost Inventory:

If it is determined that ShipBob has made an error and lost inventory that we cannot account for, ShipBob will apply a credit for the manufacturing cost of the items lost (We will not credit taxes, fees, or shipping/import costs).
Note: we require an invoice showing the manufacturing value in order to apply for such credit.

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