Case packed refers to shipping multiple units of the same product together in a single box. All products in that single box have the same SKU and can be sent as individual items if needed. 

By default, ShipBob will fulfill your inventory as individual items, even if arrives in cases to our fulfillment centers. If you want us to fulfill your inventory as case packed items, please follow the instructions below. 

Sending Case Packed items:

  1. Add the case as an inventory item to your products list. Please mention it's a case at the beginning of the item's name. For example, "Case of 12: Blue Bottle."

  2. On the Product Details Page, under Fulfillment Information, check the relevant box: This product should be picked as a whole case. 

  3. Send ShipBob a WRO containing the inventory added. Note: The WRO should state the number of cases and NOT the total number of individual units being shipped in the cases.

Note: If you are currently selling an individual item and want to start sending it as a case, please send us a new inventory as described above.

Important Notes:

  • All cases must contain equal quantities of that product in each box. For example, a case pack of 24 units must always contain 24 units.

  • The case must have its own SKU that is different from the individual item's SKU.

  • You can have multiple cases. For example, a case pack of 6 items and a case pack of 9 items each must have their own different SKU.

  • Bar codes: We highly recommend that the case pack has a different bar code than the individual item. 

Breakdown Case:

If you want ShipBob to break down case packed items to its individual items, you need to submit a Work Order request.


Pricing: Receiving fees:

  • First 2 hours: $25

  • After the first 2 hours: $40/hour

SLA: 5 business days.


From the ShipBob dashboard, click on Inventory and then Work Orders.

Click on Breakdown Case and then click Next.

Select a Fulfillment Center from the drop-down list and then select the case packed product you want to breakdown. Search for products by name/product ID.

Enter the number of cases you want to break down and the quantity of individual items in each pack.

Select the individually packed product from the drop-down list (this is corresponding single product for the case pack).

Insert special instructions or upload attachments if needed.

Once finished, click Submit Request.

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