ShipBob can help you dispose your inventory. You can choose to dispose of defective or damaged items, and these items will be recycled within 48 hours of receiving them at our fulfillment centers.

You can also easily donate items to GiveNKind, our nonprofit partner that places donated goods with area 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations at no cost. Since October 2018, GiveNKind has placed over $3 million of donated goods with nonprofits in the United States. To determine whether or not we can donate your inventory, please start by filling out this document. Once this document is completed, GiveNKind will contact you directly. Read more about our partnership with GiveNKind.

GiveNKind accepts product donations in the United States. The following items are not accepted:

  • Products with political messages or in support of a candidate or political issue.

  • Products with references to alcohol or drug use.

  • Products with explicit or profane language.

  • Alcohol (items that state law would require a government-issued form of identification for purchase).

  • CBD/THC/Cannabis derivatives

  • Vitamins, dietary supplements, and homeopathic medicines are subject to review.

Please Note: Fees will apply for disposal and donation requests. Read more here.  

For both options, you need to create a work order. 

Creating a dispose/donate request:

From the ShipBob dashboard, click on Inventory and then Work Orders. 

Click on Disposal/Donation and then click Next

Select one of the 2 options:

  • Disposal Request

  • Donation Request

Select a Fulfillment Center from the drop-down list and then add the product/s you want to dispose/donate. Search for products by name/inventory ID.

For each item, enter the quantity you want to dispose/donate.

Insert special instructions or upload attachments, if needed. 

Once finished, click Submit Request. 

On the next screen, you can see your work order details. 

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