Click on the shipment ID for orders with a Processing or Exception status to view order's details and make changes as needed.

You can edit the following:

  • Recipient address/information

  • Order items and quantities

  • Shipping option

  • Add insurance to order

  • Assign Fulfillment Center 

Note: Orders in Processing status can only be edited if our team has not started fulfilling them.

Edit Order Details:

From the ShipBob dashboard, go to Orders.

Click on the blue shipment ID # of the order you want to edit.

Customer Information:

Click Edit on the Customer Information panel.

Edit the recipient information and click Save

Note: Orders in On-Hold status due to an invalid address will automatically move back to Processing when the address is updated. 

Edit Items:

From the Order Details panel you can edit the order's items.

You can perform the following actions:

  • Edit the quantity by deleting the old quantity and typing in a new quantity.

  • Remove an existing item by clicking the Remove button to the right of the item listing.

  • Add new items by clicking the Add product button. Search by ShipBob ID or product name, choose the relevant products and click Add Products. 

Edit Shipping Option:

On ShipBob Shipping Details panel click Edit. 

Here you can do the following:

Ship Option Type: 

  • ShipBob Optimized: ShipBob will optimize for you according to the ship option you will specify (Overnight, Expedited or Standard). 

  • Carrier Specific: Choose a specific carrier and service level (e.g. UPS and UPS Surepost).

Note: Your specific Ship Option mapping may override these settings. For example, if DHL Max is set up as a Priority alternative, the package will still ship DHL when Priority is selected if it is the more cost-effective option.

In addition - If you have account-level shipping option settings, they will override the ship option chosen here.

Assign Fulfillment Center:
Change FC by simply choosing another FC from the drop-down list. 

Add Insurance:
Insert the value (numeric) under Order Value for Insurance Value.

Note: Insurance for an order is assessed at 1.875% of the value indicated and added to the order's invoice.

Bulk Edit Orders

You can now make bulk edit changes to orders, so you do not have to edit each order individually. Here is a breakdown of the bulk edit actions ShipBob currently supports:

  • Add Items

  • Remove Items

Please reach out to to request any bulk edits needed.

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