Click on the shipment ID for orders with a Processing or Exception status to view order's details and make changes as needed.

You can edit the following:

  • Recipient address/information

  • Order items and quantities

  • Shipping option

  • Add insurance to order

  • Assign Fulfillment Center 

  • Bulk Order Editing read more here

Note: Orders in Processing status can only be edited if our team has not started fulfilling them.

Edit Order Details:

From the ShipBob dashboard, go to Orders.

Click on the blue shipment ID # of the order you want to edit.

Customer Information:

Click Edit on the Customer Information panel.

Edit the recipient information and click Save

Note: Orders in On-Hold status due to an invalid address will automatically move back to Processing when the address is updated. 

Edit Items:

From the Order Details panel you can edit the order's items.

You can perform the following actions:

  • Edit the quantity by deleting the old quantity and typing in a new quantity.

  • Remove an existing item by clicking the Remove button to the right of the item listing.

  • Add new items by clicking the Add product button. Search by ShipBob ID or product name, choose the relevant products and click Add Products. 

Edit Shipping Option:

On ShipBob Shipping Details panel click Edit. 

Here you can do the following:

Ship Option Type: 

  • ShipBob Optimized: ShipBob will optimize for you according to the ship option you will specify (Overnight, Expedited or Standard). 

  • Carrier Specific: Choose a specific carrier and service level (e.g. UPS and UPS Surepost).

Note: Your specific Ship Option mapping may override these settings. For example, if DHL Max is set up as a Priority alternative, the package will still ship DHL when Priority is selected if it is the more cost-effective option.

In addition - If you have account-level shipping option settings, they will override the ship option chosen here.

Assign Fulfillment Center:
Change FC by simply choosing another FC from the drop-down list. 

Add Insurance:
Insert the value (numeric) under Order Value for Insurance Value.

Note: Insurance for an order is assessed at 1.875% of the value indicated and added to the order's invoice.

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