ShipBob has a wonderful partnership with GiveNKind, a nonprofit organization that recovers usable goods from businesses and makes those goods available at no cost to local nonprofits. Nonprofits receive items that support their operations and programming which frees up precious resources to put back into serving our community (items cannot be sold). Donors receive a tax receipt and the knowledge that their goods live another life in the hands of those in need.

By partnering with GiveNkind, we are able to offer another solution for our merchants other than disposing of inventory. 

To determine whether or not we can donate your inventory, please start by filling out this document. Once this document is completed,  GiveNKind will contact you directly. If your request is approved you will then create the donation work order in your ShipBob dashboard and attach the proper documentation to your work order (please use the attachment: “prepaid label”).

GiveNKind accepts product donations in the United States. The following items are not accepted:

  • Products with political messages or in support of a candidate or political issue.

  • Products with references to alcohol or drug use.

  • Products with explicit or profane language.

  • Alcohol (items that state law would require a government-issued form of identification for purchase).

  • CBD/THC/Cannabis derivatives

  • Vitamins, dietary supplements, and homeopathic medicines are subject to review.

It is very important that you subscribe GiveNkind ( to updates within the donation work order. You can do that by subscribing to order updates

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