03/30/2020Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), giveNkind can accept donations only for the following items:

  • Food
  • Medical supplies
  • Personal Care/Hygiene
  • Paper products

ShipBob has a wonderful partnership with giveNkind. giveNkind’s mission is to make giving more personal and purposeful. They do this by providing a searchable, online database that creates opportunities for individuals with items to donate to find, and directly connect with registered nonprofits that can re-purpose those items for good within their community.

By partnering with giveNkind, we are able to offer another solution for our merchants other than disposing of inventory. 

To determine whether or not we can donate your inventory, please start by filling out this document. Once this document is completed,  giveNKind will contact you directly. If your request is approved you will then create the donation work order in your ShipBob dashboard and attach the proper documentation to your work order (please use the attachment: “prepaid label”).

It is very important that you subscribe giveNkind to updates within the donation work order. You can do that by subscribing to order updates

Please note:

  1. During the months of November 1-February 1, we will not be fulfilling donation orders due to our high volume. 
  2. If a donation order is created during this blackout period or without approval from giveNkind, it will be restocked and charged  picking fees AND restock fees.

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