For pick up shipment, simply create the order and enter PREPAID in ALL recipient address fields EXCEPT country, which should be US.

Important! Do not enter a valid address or zip code, as the system will automatically generate a label and ship the order. 

The "Recipient Information" should look like the photo below, once the order is created.

Pick Up Shipments:

  1.  Select the items and quantities from your inventory you want to pick up.

  2.  Select "Standard Shipping" and place your order.

  3.  Subscribe to updates and you'll receive a notification when it's packed.

  4.  Once you've been notified that the order has been packed, schedule a pick up time.

  5. Schedule a pick up appointment here.

  6. Truck/pick-up vehicle needs to meet our 55in dock height requirements - Dock high trucks allow us to drive in (or walk in) to use equipment to quickly unload product.

  7. Upon arrival to dock door, driver must back vehicle against the door as they will not be allowed in the building.

  8. Please create a BOL and send to along with the associated pick-up order to ensure our operations team can sign-off on the load being picked up.

Please see all pricing and fees here.   

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