Once you integrate your online store, create a WRO, and send inventory to a ShipBob fulfillment center(s), we are ready to fulfill your orders following our standard operating procedures.

Note: Each physical action must have a digital/virtual match, and vice versa. This means that each of the following steps directly relates to an action on the ShipBob dashboard. If you or your Account Executive have not set up a specific task or rule in the ShipBob dashboard, the action will not be completed. Everything we do operationally comes from information that is automatically populated in the dashboard when an order is submitted.

What are the standard operating procedures once I send inventory to ShipBob?

Our standard operations are the core of what we do for all of our clients. The following services make up the bulk of e-commerce order fulfillment through ShipBob.


Once your inventory hits our docks, we count each item against the warehouse receiving order (WRO) you have included and store your items in our fulfillment centers. Each SKU has separate dedicated storage location(s), either on shelves, in bins, or on pallets. ShipBob maintains a record of all inventory movement at each individual location, tracked by unique identifiers in our system.

Please note, we don't accept items that are over 50 lbs.


As soon as an order is created or imported into your ShipBob dashboard, it is automatically sent to one of our fulfillment centers to be fulfilled during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. See our turnaround times here. We assign the orders to our picking team, who receive a packing slip of the items, quantities, and storage locations at our facility to procure and count to complete their pick.


After a pick is complete, orders are delivered to our packaging team. Our packaging team scans each order, verifies the items and quantities of the order’s contents, and then packs the order into our standard packaging materials as safely and efficiently as possible.

If you’d like to use custom packaging, these materials must be included in the packing slip and be procured during the picking process, before the order comes to our packaging team. For more information and guidance on how to set this up, click here .


For each order, ShipBob finds the shipping service suited to the ship option mapping of your order. As soon as the order ships, tracking info is pushed back to your store. Our carrier partners do not scan each package at our facility, so the first tracking scan or update occurs upon arrival at that carrier’s origin facility once it has left our building.

Please note: we don't ship orders over 100 lbs.

To check the status of an order, follow these steps.

Custom Work:

The following are not automatically included in ShipBob’s fulfillment services and require set-up to execute properly. Please reach out to your Account Executive or our Merchant Care team to facilitate this set-up!

  • Kitting and bundles (e.g. variety packs or a special arrangement of products)

  • Custom packaging and labels

  • B2B orders

  • Custom packing slips or notes

  • Other custom work (e.g. serial scans, non-standard box sizes, applying stickers to products)

  • Heavy products (e.g. items between 50 and 100 lbs)

  • Large products (e.g. furniture, surfboards)

  • Hazardous materials (e.g. laptop batteries, certain aerosol sprays)

  • Fragile products

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