Sync Orders

Sync orders directly from your online store: Manually and Automatically.

Sync Manually:

From the ShipBob dashboard Go to the Orders tab, then click on Sync Orders.    

Click on Fetch Orders button for your store integration.

Check-mark the boxes next to the orders you would like to sync, orders highlighted in green have already been imported. Once you finish click SHIP IT.

Sync Automatically: 

Click on Quick setup then click on Account Settings.

Check the Fetch Orders Every 2 Hours box for each store integration. Note: Set the date under Start Shipping Date column to the date you would like ShipBob to import orders from.

Click Save.

Import Orders

The Import Orders feature allows you to add orders directly to the SB dashboard using an Excel file.
Note: If you're uploading 100+ orders and require 1-day fulfillment, please provide ShipBob with at least 72 hours notice.  

Go to the Orders tab, then click on Import Orders.

You will see the following pop-up screen.

Choose to download our import template.   Note: Don't alter cell formatting in the spreadsheet 

Enter address, item names, and quantities into the Excel template. 


  • All zip codes should be 5 digits long.

  • Product name (under 'ItemName' column) should appear exactly as it appears on ShipBob Products page. 

Once you finish editing the template, save it to your computer and upload it to the SB dashboard. You can either drag files or click to browse and upload. 

Create Orders

Create orders manually using the SB dashboard. Please note that this process allows creating one order each time, for multiple orders - use the Import Orders feature.

Go to the Orders tab, then click on New Order.    

You will see the following pop-up screen.

Select one of the following options:

  • Consumer - Select Consumer to create a regular order  

  • Business - Select Business to create a B2B/Wholesale order

  • Inventory Transfer - Select Inventory Transfer to move inventory from ShipBob FC to another warehouse (e.g. - Amazon)

Note: In this article, we will overview the process of creating a regular consumer order.

Click here to learn more about B2B/Wholesale order.

Click here to learn more Inventory Transfer.

Click on Consumer and then click on Next - Create Order.


Type in the recipient’s name, then click Next. The form will auto-populate existing contacts, or automatically create a new contact if no existing contact has been found. 

Confirm or edit the recipient information below and click Next.

Note: Once you click Next, our system will validate the address entered. If the system does not recognize the address, you will be notified. You can choose to continue with the process or edit the address later in the process up until the package is labeled. 

Add items to the order by typing the item name (under ITEM NAME) and select the relevant item from the drop-down list. Then, under QTY insert the number of items and Click on "+". Add as many items as you wish and then click Save Items.

Note: After clicking the Save Items button the order will go under review process. This process may take 5-10 minutes as our system checks and allocates items. When the review process ends the order will be updated with the appropriate status (i.e. Processing or Exceptions). Make sure you review the recipient information, shipping option, carrier service, and insurance before finalizing the order. Remember! you can only edit order details until it has been assigned to a picker.

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