Use this tool to determine what pricing you will be charged depending on which shipping speeds or options you prefer to offer your customers. This page will only be available on your account navigation if you have a pricing plan applied. If you do not have a pricing plan applied, visit your onboarding dashboard or reach out to your account executive.

Important Notes:

  • Prices below are Total Fulfillment Prices, which include labor costs, use of our packaging materials, use of the Dashboard, and shipping fees.

  • Prices do not include additional value-add services, which are described here .

  • Some destination/shipping option combinations are not supported for operational reasons. 

Find Your Pricing:

From the ShipBob dashboard, click on Pricing.

Insert the relevant parameters to calculate your pricing:

  • Origin Country Type: From the drop-down list choose the Domestic or International country you are shipping from.

  • Destination Country Type: From the drop-down list choose Domestic or International.

  • Destination Countries: If you chose International, please select destination country (you can select up to 5 countries). 

  • Unit of Measurement: From the drop-down list choose Ounces or Pounds.

  • Shipping Option: From the drop-down list choose the relevant Shipping Option. Note: for custom shipping options please reach your account manager for further details.

Click on Update Pricing button.

For domestic shipping, the prices are shown by zones. Download zone maps here

For international shipping, prices are shown by country. 

If the chosen combination is not supported - you will get the following result: 

In this example, a combination of shipping from Canada to the United States is not supported. The destination country for this example needs to be Canada to proceed. 

For any additional inquiries regarding pricing, please contact our Merchant Care team.

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