Amazon is continuing to focus its available capacity on the highest priority products that customers need at this time.  If this is impacting your business, ShipBob can help!  All our warehouses located across the country are fully operational and have the capacity to receive, stock and ship your inventory.

Follow the below steps to connect ShipBob to your Amazon orders:

  1. Sync your Amazon store to ShipBob by following these simple steps.

*If you have already connected ShipBob to your Amazon store ignore this step*

ShipBob can only fulfill inventory set to Fulfill by Merchant. ShipBob is not able at this time to fulfill Amazon (Seller Fulfilled) Prime orders. 

2. Create additional FBM SKUs for ASINs.

If you currently have Amazon FBA listings, we recommend creating additional SKUs set to Fulfill by Merchant (FBM)  in the Amazon Seller center for the same ASINs you already have FBA listings for. 

Please note: It could be viewed as a violation of Amazon policy for a merchant to have two live/active listings (one FBA listing and one FBM listing)  for the same ASIN. As a result, we recommend checking with Amazon to see if you should make the FBA listing inactive in the short term. 

To create a new SKU in your Amazon catalog, you can:

  • Add individual products using Amazon’s “Add a Product” Tool,


  • Add multiple products in bulk using Amazon’s “Add Products via Upload” Tool.

Converting  existing FBA SKUs to FBM (Not Recommended)
While we don’t recommend it, another option available to you is to convert your existing FBA SKUs to FBM. This could be risky because if Amazon still holds some of your inventory, it could result in your inventory being orphaned and inventory returned to Amazon’s warehouses not being processed correctly. If you choose to convert your SKUs to FBM follow the below steps:

  • Navigate to the Manage Inventory page, select the SKUs you want to change to FBM.

  • Click the “Edit” drop-down menu and  click Change to Fulfilled by Merchant.

  • On the Convert to Fulfilled by Merchant page, click Convert.

3. Ship your inventory to ShipBob

Create a WRO and send ShipBob your inventory.


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