Note: On the 04/13/20 ShipBob will upgrade its connection with Squarespace. This will improve the products sync process, making it easy and seamless. Existing merchants with Squarespace integration can still sync products manually but we highly recommend to reinstall your store and enjoy the benefits of this new process. 

  • Read below how to re-install your store. 

  • Read below how to manually sync products (only eligible for merchants integrated before 04/12/20). 

Reinstall Squarespace store:

From the ShipBob dashbord, click on Account Settings then click Store Management tab. Next to your Squarespace store click Update Token. 

2. You will be prompt to enter your store name, this should be identical to the original store name. After you enter the name, click Link Store.

3.On the bottom of the page, click on Extensions Panel.

4. Choose your ShipBob extension. Then click Disconnect ShipBob

After you disconnected, click several times on the back button on your browser until you see the following page:

Then, click on the site you want to re-connect to ShipBob. 

Click Allow. 


Manual Product Sync:

From the ShipBob dashboard click Quick Setup and then Sync Your Products.

Click on Step 1: Download your product list from Squarespace.

You will be redirected to Squarespace. Click Export and then choose Products.

Download the products as a CSV. file.

Go back to the ShipBob dashboard and click on Step 2: Upload Your product list to ShipBob and choose the relevant file.

Click on Sync.  he  synced  products  from  Squarespace  should  now  be  available under Inventory > Products on the ShipBob dashboard.

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