The onboarding dashboard is the homepage for all merchants that still haven't shipped out their first order through ShipBob. This dashboard offers a clear and easy onboarding experience and takes you through all the steps necessary to start shipping orders. 

The onboarding dashboard has 6 main sections:

Welcome Panel: Presents our mission statement and a welcome message!

Tour: Use this panel to get to know our dashboard better. Choose between a short video or an interactive tour — or do both!

Pricing Quote: If a pricing plan is already assigned to you, it will appear here.

If a pricing plan hasn't been assigned yet, click on “Find your pricing plan” and fill the form to get a quote.

Fulfillment 101: Learn everything you need to know about ShipBob’s policies and standard operating procedures. 

How to Get Started: This is the global onboarding checklist. You must go through all the steps in the checklist in order to start shipping orders:

  • Create a ShipBob account. If you’ve made it to the checklist, you’ve already done this! 
  • Find your pricing plan. If a pricing plan is already assigned to you OR if you are working with a sales representative, this step will be checked off as well.
  • Complete your onboarding checklist. This determines the custom onboarding steps each merchant needs to take.  
  • Clear demo data from your account.
  • Configure your e-commerce store(s). Connect your e-commerce store, sync products, add payment information, and more.
  • Create your first WRO and send your inventory to ShipBob. Start shipping your orders!

Custom Onboarding Steps: This is a custom panel created after you complete your onboarding checklist. This panel is unique and created according to your business needs. 

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