The WRO view page shows all WROs and Returns created for the account. Using this page you can easily view and track your WROs and get the most updated information about their status. In addition, you can drill down to get a more detailed information for each WRO separately by clicking WRO Summary.

WRO View Page:   

The first table displays all WROs that are still in draft mode. Drafts are created when you start the WRO creation flow and don't finish it. 

  • You can have up to 5 WRO drafts at a time.

  • Drafts older than 30 days will be deleted automatically.

By clicking the draft ID you can continue edit and submit your WRO. 

Second Table: 

You can quickly identify if your WRO was received on time (SLA = 3 business days) according to the badge under the Status column.
Note: The overall WRO SLA is dependent on the box level SLA. That means that if one box breached SLA the WRO will be marked as Late. To see SLA information for each box, go to the WRO summary page. 

  • On time: All boxes in this WRO were received within the SLA. For more details, view the WRO summary page.

  • Late: One or more boxes in this WRO were not received within the SLA. For more details, view the WRO summary page.

  • Pending Receiving: All the boxes in this WRO have not been completed yet.

Search and Filters:
Use our advanced search and filters to find exactly what you are looking for:

Search for specific WRO by WRO ID#.

Use our predefined tabs to filter according to WRO status:

  • All

  • Awaiting

  • Partially Arrived 

  • Arrived 

  • Processing 

  • Received 

Add advanced filters: 

  • Destination FC

  • Search for and apply a filter for a specific product Product ID or Product Name.

Sort columns in ascending/descending order (non-applicable for WRO summary and Status columns). 

Returned orders are received at our FC and processed through our returns process. If the items needs to restocked we will receive them as WRO, As a part of the WRO view page you can see all returns. You can choose the following:

  • View only returns by clicking on the Returns tab.

  • Show/hide all returns from all tabs by checking/un-checking the the box next to Show Returns

WRO Summary Page:

You can gain detailed information about each WRO by clicking the WRO summary link.
Using this page you can see the following:

  • Timeline: See the complete timeline for your WRO processing. 

  • Shipping Details:This includes shipping address, number of boxes sent and label type. 

  • Product Summary: Products sent in this WRO, including quantities. Note: in the Products view, "Quantity Unpacked" means unpacked into either stow bins OR pickable bins. All the other statuses have "Received" instead of "Unpacked" to denote that they are fully received into pickable bins.

  • Box/Pallet Details: Specify all boxes that belong to this WRO and their status (can be different from the general WRO status). Here, under the completed column you can also see SLA badge for each box. Remember, SLA is 3 business days from when each box is marked as arrived.

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