Your homepage dashboard gives you a quick overview of the numbers you care about most, allows you to measure your growth, and provides you with actionable insights to drive it. The dashboard contains 5 panels: 

Today's B2C Order Snapshot:

In this panel, you can see % of orders fulfilled today and details on all successful orders and any orders that currently have unresolved issues. Note: This data excludes B2B orders and internal and external transit orders. 

  • Orders fulfilled today progress bar: This % is calculated as follows shipped today / (shipped today+processing today). Note: that this number excludes orders received past cutoff, on hold or exceptions. 

  • Shipped Today: Orders with today's SLA that are labeled.

  • Processing Today: Orders with today's SLA that are still in processing.  

  • Click on the View More button to gain more in-depth information. (Link to Fulfillment → SLA & Exceptions).  

Exception Summary:

This panel displays the number of orders with Exception status divided by:

  • Orders in exception status because we don't have enough inventory to fulfill the order. 

  • Orders in exception status for other reasons: Inactive SKU/Unknown SKU.

  • Click on the View More button to gain more in-depth information. (Link to Fulfillment → SLA & Exceptions).  

Out of Stock Details:

An in-depth view of orders in exception status (Out of stock):

  • The number of products that are out of stock. 

  • Quantity of orders affected. 

Fulfillment Metrics:

Get an overview of the % of orders fulfilled within SLAs and other key metrics. The time period defaults to the last 7 days. You can adjust it to any historical date and click apply.

  • Orders Placed: The number of orders (import/manual/Excel upload) to the ShipBob dashboard.

  • Orders Fulfilled: Orders that got labeled. 

  • % of orders fulfilled on time: Upon hover over you can see the exact number of late orders/orders delivered on time.  

  • Fulfillment Cost: The sum of all orders (invoice amount) in the selected time period.

  • Avg Fulfillment Cost Per Order: Fulfillment cost / Orders fulfilled. 

  • Avg. Revenue Per Order: Total order amount (if exists) from the store / Orders Placed. If the total order amount doesn't exist on the dashboard this value will appear as 0$.

Transit Time:  

View a % breakdown of the days that orders take to be delivered. 

Click on the View More button to gain more in-depth information. (Link to Shipping Performance)

  • The shipping methods are unique to the terminology used in the cart of your e-commerce platform. Note: These shipping methods are not a direct match to ShipBob's shipping options (Standard, Expedited, etc.).

  • By default, ALL shipping methods offered and displayed, including domestic and international. From the dropdown menu, you can select specific shipping methods.

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