Rules are recurring, automated procedures that can help us provide our merchants with a smooth fulfillment process. Every rule has two mandatory components: Trigger and Action. Most rules will also have Conditions. 

Trigger: Specifies when the rule will apply - when the action should occur. In ShipBob the trigger is always order import.

Action: Specifies the final outcome. For example, add a gift card for every order.

Conditions: Specifies any restrictions or limitations applied to the rule. For example, add a gift card for every order with more than 5 items. Conditions are optional and are not necessary for creating a rule. 

Important Note!! Once a rule is created, please create a test order to make sure the rule is working as expected. If it is not, please reach out to our support team.

Creating Rules:

The following table will allow you to understand which rules we support. Special rules/custom rules are not supported and we will not create them.

If the rule you want to create is available for your account (according to this doc), reach out to your account executive or our merchant care team and we will set it up for you.

Actions - In ShipBob we have 4 available actions:

  1. Add Product

  2. Ignore Order

  3. Request Signature

  4. Exclude Gift Message

Conditions - In ShipBob we have 7 available conditions.

Conditions availability changes according to the platform used. In order to make sure the rule you wish to apply for your account works please use the following table (open the image below in a separate tab for better visibility).

Important Notes:

  1. We can't create rules for specific items in the cart. 

  2. We can't create a double negative rule. Example: If the order doesn't contain tag X, don't import the order. We can do the following: If the order contains tag X, don't import the order.  

  3. Rules will not apply when adding orders manually, using Excel, or for developer API (custom API).

  4. If you have multiple stores, rules will apply to all unless the condition is not supported in one of the stores. 

  5. You can combine several rules for the same account. Example: If the order's total is 100$ →  add a gift card. If the order contains tag X →  add t-shirt. There is no hierarchy between the rules. If conditions are met the action will occur.

  6. You can create a rule that contains 2 or more conditions (up to 25 per rule):Example:  If the order's total is 100$ and contains more than 5 items →  add a gift card.

  7. We don't support OR statements. Example: if the order total is 100$ OR contains 5 items →  add a gift card.

  8. In case we can't create a certain rule on ShipBob, you can use e-commerce platform apps like Shopify flow or Order Tagger - Auto Tags.  

My Account Rules:

View all rules created for your account under Your Account → Automation Rules. Under this tab, you can see all rules associated with your account, see the current rule configuration and status, and enable/disable existing rules.

Next to each rule, under the Options column, you have two icons.

Click here to Disable/Enable the rule.

The current rule status will appear under the Status column.

Click here for more details.

Important Notes!

  • To create/edit a rule, reach out to our merchant care team. Once we create the rule, you will have to enable it for your account. Until then, it will appear as disabled.

  • When enabling a rule, please make sure you test and monitor it is working as expected.

  • If a rule isn't working as expected please DISABLE it and reach out to our merchant care team for further assistance.

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