An in-depth look at your monthly costs, avg. fulfillment and billing breakdown.

Total Monthly Costs

  • Fulfillment Fees include shipping, fulfillment and additional pick fees (if applicable).

  • Other includes receiving fees, URO fees, return fees, freight/B2B orders, serial scan and kitting.

  • Credits are excluded from this chart.

  • You can click on any of the data points to remove it from the chart. 

  • Hover over the bars to see the exact cost. 

Avg. Fulfillment Cost per Order

This graph provides a visual representation of your average weekly fulfillment cost per shipping option.

  • Hover over the lines to see additional information. 

  • Select a specific shipping option from the drop-down list to drill down.

  • You can click on any of the data points to remove it from the chart. 

Note: These are the ShipBob-specific shipping options that are mapped to the shipping methods in your e-commerce platform. By default, the average of all options is displayed. 

Billing Breakdown

This chart provides an itemized record of charges for each month.

  • Pick fees include any additional picks above your pre-determined maximum thresholds.

  • Freight-Prepaid-B2B includes any charges for processing pre-paid orders and/or preparing or shipping B2B orders.

  • Storage fees are recorded in the month they were processed (e.g., June storage charges are processed at the start of July, so storage charges in July reflect the storage fees incurred in June).

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