B2B orders include all orders shipped to retailers or whole sellers. This type of order usually requires special treatment (due to order size or other). Please make sure to create all B2B orders exactly as described in this article.

Important Notes

  • We consider any order with 25 units or more as a B2B and it will be held to the B2B SLA even if created as a B2C order.
  • B2B orders creation flow should only be used for outbound shipments, and should never be used for other purposes. 

Note about SLAs: Order will be ready for shipping on the fourth day (picked and packed):

  • If the order is ShipBob freight, we will book the freight on the day 4.
  • If the order is Prepaid freight, you will receive the dimensions and weight on day 4.

Important Notes:

  • If you enter an insurance value over $300, a signature will automatically be required and charged to the order.
  • If any special instructions must be followed, please see step #6 below!
  • B2B/wholesale orders are not ready for freight pick-up until BOLs have been attached to the order.

Create a B2B Order:

From the ShipBob dashboard click on Orders.

On the top right of the order's page, click on New Order and select Business:

Add the recipient by searching through previously saved contacts, or create a new one. You can now add "Company" field that is associated with a contact. Fill out the form to create a new contact and click on Next

Select how you would like to ship the order. You can also exit the flow at any point and any completed step will be saved in a draft until you are ready to create the order. To come back, you can go to the New Order option on the Orders page. 

Select how you would like to pay for the label. Note, if you like to purchase your own label, we will notify you after the order has been packed. The additional costs associated with this are outlined here

Note: There is an option to utilize ShipBob's freight partner FedEx Freight by selecting "ShipBob Buys" when creating your B2B order. If this option is chosen as the shipping method, we will not provide a quote and this will be automatically shipped out and billed to your order. By selecting this shipping method, you give consent to have ShipBob use our selected freight provider and fees.

You can now add special packing instructions specific to B2B orders, which will be reviewed in our operations dashboard for B2B orders. You can also upload Vendor Manual, P.O. or any additional attachments you would like to add with the order here (this option is also available later from Order Details page) 

The next step allows you to add products to the order. You can either select a specific fulfillment center that you would like to fulfill the order, or you can let us choose by selecting "Let Shipbob optimize for me". You can also add specific instructions for managing the products, which our operations team will be able to review. 

Click Next to select the date for reserving your inventory. Your order will start processing when the reserved date is met. Orders will now be shipped as soon as all requirements are met with an SLA of up to 4 business days, depending on the size of the order.

Click Next to review your order. 

Click on Create Order to place the order. If the reserve date has been met, the order will move to processing within a short time interval. If the reserve date has not been met, the order will move to on hold. 

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