Test orders are essential for making sure each element of the order is transferred perfectly from your store to the Shipbob dashboard.

By creating a test order you can identify the following problem areas:

  • SKU IDs that need to be merged

  • Bundles that need to be set up

  • Ship options that need to be mapped

These things should be quick and painless to set up but can become a hassle when dealing with hundreds or even thousands of orders. Working on a single test order before importing many others can save you a great deal of time and effort.

Note: In addition to testing the order and the right items, please make sure to include a dummy SKU or a SKU with no inventory on hand to force an Exception so that the order will not be shipped. Once you're finished testing, be sure to cancel the order or move the order on-hold if further troubleshooting is needed.

How to do it:

  1. Create an order in your online store for the items/SKUs/shipping options you want to test (the address can be to yourself).

  2. Make sure the order is marked paid and import it to the dashboard.

  3. Review the order details for accuracy. If you need any assistance setting something up, place the order on-hold and send an email to support@shipbob.com with the order ID.

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