Please insert customs information for each inventory item. Missing information will cause shipping delays for international orders. Note: Custom boxes, custom dunnage or marketing inserts do not require customs information.
You can also update customs information in bulk. Read more here

Tip: You can create a UPS account (no fees) that will allow you to use their Tradeability tool that helps estimate your import taxes/duties on orders.

Update Customs Information: 

From the ShipBob dashboard, click on Inventory and then click Products.

Choose the relevant product by clicking on the Inventory ID.

On the Inventory details page, scroll down to the Customs Information panel.

Note -The value entered on the item is the value that will appear on the commercial invoice. This value is used to assess duties and taxes for customs clearance.

Fill in Tariff Code, Value (should be the sales price of the product, NOT the manufacturing cost) and Description. Then click Save on the top-bar.
Click here to search for the correct tariff code on the government website.
Please make sure you insert a valid tariff code. Valid HS code is 6+ digits (not including periods), and must be in one of the following formats:


  • 123456

  • 1234.12

To avoid any delays, please make sure the product description in the “Customs Information” section on the Inventory Details page contains a detailed description.  For example, if you sell books, a general description of “Book” would not suffice; It needs to be more descriptive like “Children’s comic books with illustrations.” Similarly, instead of writing “Skin care product,” you should include “Jet black thick lash mascara.”

Note: To avoid orders from going to On-Hold status, make sure to insert item weight (Basic Information panel).

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