A bundle is a collection of items that will be shipped together. Creating a bundle will group multiple items under 1 main SKU. Note: A bundle SKU is not a real item for its own, it is a 'container' that includes at least one SKU and multiple items (2 or more). 

Kitting VS. Bundling 

Kitting is aimed to accommodate your business's unique needs for how items are being shipped to your customers. When your orders require our fulfillment center associates to specifically arrange the items in that order, it would need to go through the kitting process (e.g. multiple component pieces that are separate at inventory arrival and need to be assembled or put together). You can read more about Kitting

A bundle contains several different items (not one item with multiple pieces) that are being shipped together. No special assembly/preparation is needed to ship the order.

Create a Bundle:

  • The primary bundle SKU must be Active. 

  • The primary bundle SKU should not have inventory on hand.

From the ShipBob dashboard, click on Inventory and then click Products page.

Select the item you would like to create as a bundle by clicking the Inventory ID#.

From the product details page scroll down to the last panel: Is this item a bundle? Click on Mark As Bundle button.

Add products to the bundle by typing the item's name (only Active products). You can add as many items you want. Under the quantity column insert the number of items that will be added to each bundle. Once finished, click Continue

Click Confirm to add items to this bundle.

All bundle details will appear on the product details page. You can edit the bundle from the Bundle Details panel.

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