Digital items are SKUs that ShipBob will not fulfill. This can include online coupon codes, physical items that we do not warehouse, or other pieces of any order that ShipBob will not fulfill. Marking these items as “digital” will prevent orders from going to exceptions. The items marked digital will also not appear on any packing slips. 

Note: Items marked as digital will be removed from all synced orders automatically.

Mark Product as Digital/Mark items as Not Digital:

From the ShipBob dashboard, click on Inventory and then choose Products.

Note: You can View all digital products by clicking on the Digital pre-set filter on the products page. 

Mark the checkbox next to the item you want to mark as digital/Not-Digital.

Note: You can't mark a product as digital if it has on-hand inventory.

Click on the green Actions button, and choose Mark as Digital/Mark as Not-Digital from the drop-down list.

Note: You can also mark an item as digital/not digital using the Product Details page.

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