View a list of orders that have been shipped but not yet delivered to the end customer for longer than the anticipated number of days. Unfortunately, at times our partner carriers missort, lose a shipment, misscanned or delivered without a scan. This report may help identify those potential orders that already left a ShipBob fulfillment center by cross-referencing the Order ID hyperlink with the Tracking ID hyperlink. Then you can further investigate the deliverability issue. For orders that you’ve reviewed and don’t require further investigation, you can check its box and click “Mark as Reviewed.” Note: This only removes orders from this Analytics dashboard and does NOT change anything in your main ShipBob dashboard.

  • By default, you can see all orders that haven't been marked as reviewed. You can search through reviewed orders by changing the filter and click Apply.

  • Click the order ID to see the order on the ShipBob dashboard.

  • Click the tracking ID hyperlink to reach the carrier site. 

  • To mark orders as reviewed mark the checkbox next to the order and click the Mark as Reviewed button. 

  • Download this report to a .csv file by clicking on Download on the top right. 

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