Using your orders screen you can view and manage all business' orders and shipments. You can use this for several purposes:

  • Sync, import and create orders.

  • Search orders and create filters according to the data you wish to see.

  • Perform actions on a specific order or a segment of orders.

View all orders imported to your ShipBob Dashboard  — including the shipment ID, store ID, import date, ship date, source, customer, fulfillment cost, and order status.

Under the status column, you can see the current order status, fulfillment SLA badge, and shipment upgrade badge (if applicable).

In case your shipping option has been upgraded you will see a green badge stating this shipment has been upgraded.

Note:  You can also export your order report to Excel by clicking the Actions button on the top left bar of the orders screen and select Export to Excel from the drop-down list. Read more here

Search Orders: 

Use the top search bar to search for specific orders, view their details and perform different actions such as tracking or editing. 

Filter Orders 

Use our pre-built filters or build new filters to view specific information related to your orders. You can segment orders, perform actions and export the relevant data to Excel. By default, our order page displays pre-built filters according to the order status (read more about the different status options).

Create New Filters

Go to Orders page and select "+" to create a new view

Select filters from the available list. For example,  Status: Processing & Fulfillment Center: Chicago. 

Note: you can add as many filters as you like.

To save the view, click on the pencil sign to name it and click Save View. This view will be available in your views list under More.

Example: Filter Delayed Orders

  1. Go to Completed orders tab.

  2. Click Show/Edit Details.

  3. Add filters to get the desired results: From the drop-down list select Completed Status and then Processing to filter shipped orders that have not received initial scans.From the drop-down list select Completed Status and then InTransit to filter orders that are still on their way and may be delayed.From the drop-down list select Completed Status and then DeliveryException to filter orders that cannot be delivered due to an incorrect/incomplete address or when package content is damaged on the way.                        

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