Ship Option mapping allows us to match between your e-commerce store shipping options to ShipBob's shipping options. For example, if you provide Standard Shipping and 2-Day Expedited on your store, you should map both options in ShipBob dashboard so we can fulfill orders accordingly.

Note! Your Shipping Option Mapping must match your store's shipping options verbatim in order to successfully connect with the ShipBob system.

Change, Update or Add Shipping Options

On the ShipBob Dashboard click on Account Settings on the left-hand bottom of the screen.  

Click on Ship Option Mapping tab. Type your new shipping method into the marked box and click Add. Note: Options should populate automatically when your store is integrated. Make sure the option on the dashboard is exactly the same as the option on your store.

After adding the Shipping Method, on the Mapping column, choose the relevant shipping option from the drop-down list. 

Make sure you activate your ship options by marking them as Active. Once finished, click Save Mapping.

  • You can change your ship option at any time, by choosing another option from the drop-down list (step 3).

  • You can Activate/Deactivate options at any time (step 4).

  • You can't delete shipping methods you have added (you can only deactivate). 

  • Note: The best way to verify your ship option mapping is updated is to create a test order. Don't forget to cancel it!

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