On this page, you can see data that will help you plan ahead to make sure you are never out of stock. 

SKU Velocity:

Hover over the date ranges below to highlight the corresponding data, which shows how much you’ve sold over four-time period options: 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days. 

  • For each time period, you can see the expected days left until that inventory item will be out of stock. This is an estimation based on the data from the selected time period. 

  • Download the report to a .csv file by clicking the Download button on the top-right. 

Inventory Summary:

Select a SKU to view performance over time and calculate the days of inventory remaining on hand.

  • This page is divided into 2 sections: on the top section, you can see the breakdown for the inventory item. On the bottom section, you can see historical EOD inventory counts for the selected SKU. 

Top Section:

  • Enter an expected increase in sales (the logic multiplies the % change + 100% to the Avg Units Sold per day) to see how that affects inventory. The % increase will be added to the Avg Units Sold per Day number.

  • Adjust the time period by choosing different time range from the drop-down list (Based on the past).

Bottom Section:

  • Adjust the dates bu changing the FROM date on the top of the table. 

  • The 2 dotted lines represent the SKU’s warning levels for 1 month and 2 weeks of inventory supply.

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