Transfer Inventory from One ShipBob Fulfillment Center to Another:

This is a great way to provide faster shipping options for your clients and help you save on shipping costs.

You can transfer inventory by creating a B2B order and the corresponding WRO for the receiving Fulfillment Center. Please attach the WRO to the B2B order and include instructions for the team to attach the WRO to the order before shipping.

These transfers are subject to our standard shipping and receiving fees, and our standard service level agreements .

Note: Under no circumstances should COD (cash on delivery) be requested when scheduling.

Transfer Inventory to Amazon:

The inventory transfer tab will allow you to transfer your inventory directly to Amazon! You can see your existing Transfer Orders and create new ones. Learn how to create inventory transfer to Amazon.


For inventory transfers to our fulfillment centers outside of the United States, you will need the following:

  • Prepaid label with DDP Service

  • Pre-arranged freight with Customs Broker

  • Commercial Invoice (indicating that you are Importer on Record)

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