Note: FBA prep is a value-add service for merchants shipping at least 400 non-FBA shipments per month through ShipBob. ShipBob does not offer this as a standalone service at this time.

At ShipBob, we want to eliminate the tedious work of preparing inventory for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to let you focus on the core of your business.

You can transfer inventory from any ShipBob fulfillment center to any FBA facility. ShipBob will prep the orders with FBA item labels and box labels, acting as your central logistics hub.



  • Picking Fees: For more information on picking fees, read more here.

  • Sticker Fee: $0.20 per sticker.
    **Amazon requires a sticker for each item shipped. For case packed items we will place a sticker for every item in that case. Read more here.

  • Labeling Fee:
    Purchase ShipBob shipping .
    Prepaid label: $10 per label fee.

SLA:  4 Business Days.
To send a request to transfer inventory to Amazon, follow the steps below:

Create an FBA Shipment:

1. From Amazon Seller Central create an FBA Shipment for the items you want ShipBob to send to an FBA location. Click on Manage Inventory under the Inventory tab. Mark the item/s that you want to send to create a shipment plan for > click actions and choose Send/Replenish Inventory from the drop-down list.

  • Under Ship From field, choose the ShipBob FC you want to ship your inventory out of. (Click here for the full list of our FC addresses).

  • Under Packing Type field, choose Individual Products (We currently only support individual product packing). **Note** This doesn't mean you need to create separate order for each item.

  • Click Continue to shipping plan.

2. Complete all steps through Review Shipment. Download the inventory stickers for each item and choose the 30 labels per page (8.5 x 11) option. Once finished click Approve Shipments.  

Provide ShipBob with all relevant inventory transfer information:

3. From the ShipBob dashboard, Click on Inventory > Inventory Transfer. Click on the Transfer Inventory button on the top right. Note: Each FBA shipment needs to be entered as a unique transfer in the ShipBob system.

4. Enter the requested information:

  • Transfer Type: Choose External Transfer from the drop-down list.

  • Transfer From:  Choose the right ShipBob FC location you have entered when creating the FBA shipment. 

  • Transfer To: Amazon FBA.

  • FBA Shipment ID: This can be located on your Amazon Seller Central dashboard.

  • Packing Instructions: Individual Items.

  • Items in this order require Amazon Product Labels: Mark this checkbox if relevant. You will need to upload labels as an attachment.

  • Choose a shipping method. 

  • When should we pick inventory? The date we start processing your FBA order. 


5. Enter recipient name and address. Once the draft order is created, choose the items and quantity you want to send. This needs to be the IDENTICAL to the information you provided Amazon.

6. Upload stickers PDF you downloaded from Amazon Seller Central for each item added. Click Save.

7. You can subscribe to order updates. We will notify you at pick and pack of the order so that you can get the dimensions and weights on the order.
You can also get this information by exporting the order to excel:

  • From the order details page, select the relevant order. Click on the Actions button > choose Export to Excel.

  • Verify the selected orders and click Export Orders

  • We will send the file to your mailbox. Open the file to see the relevant information (note: to see dimensions and weight, scroll to the right). 

Enter this information in your Amazon Seller Central account under the Prepare Shipment. Download box labels and shipping labels (if you chose this option).

  • For parcels, Amazon FBA orders have a 50lb weight limit per box.

  • For freight, Amazon FBA orders have a 1500lb weight limit per pallet.

  • Amazon FBA orders can't exceed 25 inches in length.

Note: If the order exceeds the weight stated here, ShipBob will split the order. 

8. From the ShipBob dashboard attach the box labels and prepaid shipping labels to the order. Make sure you choose the correct attachment type when uploading. Note: If Amazon provided you the box labels and prepaid labels on the same page, upload the document twice - once as a Prepaid Label and once as Amazon Box Label.

9. After you upload all necessary labels, we will process the order (When the pick date had met).  Note: If labels and/or BOL aren't attached by Picking Date, we will move the order to on-hold status. 

10. Once shipped, inventory transfer will appear as Completed on the Inventory status page.

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