Once an order is fulfilled (picked, packed, and labeled) a unique tracking number is uploaded to the shipment details page that links to the carrier's website. This will allow you to track the progress of the shipment from ShipBob FC to the customer. You can also subscribe to order updates to have tracking sent to your email. 

View Tracking Information:

From the ShipBob dashboard click on Orders, then click on the Completed tab.

Note: If you are looking for the tracking information for an order that was being fulfilled that day, then go to the Processing tab. All Processing orders with tracking will move to Completed at midnight.

Click on the tracking number hyperlink under the Status column. Clicking on the tracking link will take you to the carrier's web page. 

You can also click on the Shipment ID # and view tracking number in the order details page. 

Our carriers:

Click on the carrier's name to access their website: 




DHL Express

DHL Global*

*Note: DHL global will pass to USPS for final delivery if domestic. A link to further USPS tracking will be available on the DHL tracking page. If the order is international, they will pass to the local partner in each respective country to complete the delivery. Further tracking may not be available at this point, though DHL Global's website will often list additional tracking details. If needed, you can also reach out to the carrier's customer support to provide further tracking information. 


When can I expect to receive my order's tracking information? 

All completed shipment with ShipBob generated labels will have tracking information available. An order in Processing will get same-day tracking if imported to the Shipbob dashboard before 12 pm local time. Orders imported after 12 pm will receive tracking the next business day.  

When are packages scanned?

The first scan will occur when the shipment arrives at the carrier's facility. Note: Packages are not scanned out of the fulfillment centers immediately upon pickup and will generally receive a scan the following business day. If an order is picked up from a fulfillment center on Friday, it may not receive a tracking scan until Monday. 

What if tracking stalls/does not update? 

The carriers we use ship millions of packages a day. Unfortunately, issues may occur occasionally causing a delay with updating the tracking. 

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