Advanced Filters: 

See any filters that have been applied to the view and any searches performed. In the screenshot below, the following were actions were applied:

  1. Search: blue.

  2. Filters: On Hand is less than or equal to 100 AND Platform is ShipBob/Shopify.

You can also clear selective filters from Advanced Filters from the “x” beside any applied filters and searches.

In the below screenshot, we cleared the search “Blue”

Note: The “Clear Filters” option will clear all searches and applied filters.


  • You can now sort all columns in ascending or descending order by simply clicking on the column header as shown below. In the default state, the columns are unsorted. To sort a column, click on the column header. It will be sorted in descending order.

  • You can rearrange all columns as desired with an easy drag and drop action 

Apply Column Filters:

Click on the filter next to the column header. From the drop-down, select the required qualifier.

Click enter once you type the condition. The page should reflect the searched item.
In addition, you can also check any applied filters and searches by clicking Show advanced filters. 

Clear Filters:

Clear filters by clicking on Reset Filters (on the main product page) or Clear Filters on the side menu.

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