On this page, you can gain full visibility into your inventory data including lot and expiration date per FC.

You can use the different tabs, to see inventory data for each FC separately or see total quantities across the network under the All tab.

The inventory status view can be changed by selecting the dropdown to “By Status”, which will provide a status view of your inventory levels across ShipBob’s network of FCs.

Status views can also be adjusted to view Active Items or Bundles within your inventory.

Data can be exported to a .csv file by clicking the green action button and select Export All Data or Export On Hand Summary.

Under each tab you will see the following table:

  • Inventory ID: Unique Inventory ID created by ShipBob.

  • Inventory Name: Item Name.

  • Incoming: The total quantity of items that are awaiting replenishment with WROs

  • On Hand: The pickable quantity of items in all ShipBob fulfillment centers. This includes items that have already been assigned to orders but have not yet picked. Internal or external transit quantities are excluded from on-hands calculations.

  • Committed: The number of items that have been assigned to orders, but have not yet been picked.

  • Fulfillable: The quantity of on-hand inventory that has not been committed to orders.

  • Exception: The total number of items that are part of orders in exception status.

  • Backordered: (total summed quantity across all exception orders) - (the quantity that COULD go to those exception orders). For example, if there are 2 orders in exception with 5 quantity total, and there are 2 items on-hand, the backordered quantity would be 3.

  • Internal Transfer: total qty of items that are in transit to other ShipBob FCs

  • Lots: If the item is a lot item, you can click View to see the following information: Lot number, Lot expiration date, and On-hand/Committed/Fulfillable quantities for each lot.

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