Orders in Exception are orders that ShipBob is not able to currently fulfill.


  • The most common reasons for orders to be in exception status are lack of inventory in stock or SKU IDs that need to be merged.

  • Once the exception reason is resolved (new inventory is added, SKUs are merged, etc.) orders will move to Processing status automatically and ShipBob will fulfill them.

  • Once imported, orders in exceptions MUST be canceled in the dashboard if you do not want for ShipBob to fulfill them.

Exception Reasons: 

1. Unknown SKU

  • This is a new product which you started fulfilling with ShipBob. Once the inventory is received, the orders will move to Processing and ship! Learn how to send inventory to ShipBob here.

  • This product is being sold on your website as a virtual bundle and ShipBob does not know the individual products contained in the bundle. To resolve, create the bundle in your dashboard and add the necessary items. Learn how to create bundles.

  • This product is identical to another product which ShipBob already has in stock, and you simply need to merge this product with the existing in-stock product.

2. Out of Stock 

We currently do not have inventory in stock for 1 or more products to fulfill the order. Once you send us more inventory, we can start shipping again. 

You can also remove the out-of-stock item from the order details or split the order into 2 separate orders so the products that are available can be shipped! How do I split an order in exceptions?

3. Inactive SKU

This specific SKU has been marked as "Inactive" on the Inventory page (Inventory > Products page), and this is a product you or ShipBob are not currently shipping. To resolve, make this product active again. Once the product is active, you can send us inventory to stock or merge it to an identical product already in-stock in the ShipBob system.

4. Internal Transfer/Bin Transfer

  • SKU ID is currently being transferred between ShipBob fulfillment centers.

  • SKU ID is currently being rearranged in our fulfillment center.

Once the inventory is updated, orders will move back into processing! 

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