Note: If you don't want to update details in bulk, you can add them one by one using the product details page.

The Bulk Update feature is now available to provide an easier way to make sure all your product information is up-to-date. Updating your product details in bulk via Excel upload can help avoid pricing or shipping inconsistencies. In this article, we will describe how to perform this update in a few quick steps.

Update Product Details:

1. From your ShipBob dashboard, go to Inventory > Products, then click on More button on the top-right, select Product Bulk Update from the drop-down list.

Preferred Package Type:

Read more about standard packing 

Apparel Type 

5. Once you have finished updating the table, save it as a CSV. file to your computer and upload back to the ShipBob Dashboard. Click on Next: Upload Edited Template and attach your CSV. file. 

6. You will see the following confirmation message. Check your inbox for detailed information on the update status.

7. a.  If all products were updated successfully, you will receive the following message:  

7. b. If products were partially updated or failed to update you will see the following message that contains failure reason for each product separately: Refer to the row number in your uploaded CSV file if the product name is missing in the email. 

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