Our fulfillment SLA badges allow you to immediately see the SLA status. From the orders page, next to each one of your shipments, you will see a badge that represents the fulfillment SLA status (On-time, Late, Unavailable). You can hover over the badge icon to view additional information like estimated fulfillment date and final fulfillment date.

Important Notes!

  • Our fulfillment SLA badges apply to all B2B and B2C shipments. Fulfillment SLAs badges will show for work orders (kitting/de-requests, case breakdowns, etc.) but will not be accurate, please disregard.

  • SLAs are determined by FC local time.

SLA badges will appear under the Status column on the Orders page and on the shipment details page.


SLA Status: An elaborated explanation of your current SLA status.

Estimated Fulfillment Date: According to ShipBob's SLAs, we will calculate the estimated fulfillment date.

Actual Fulfillment Date: The date in which the shipment was actually fulfilled. This is the time the label was printed.


Green Badge: On-time

A green badge will appear when fulfillment is within SLAs.

Available SLA Status:

  • Pending - within estimate: The estimated fulfillment date hasn't passed and the order is in processing status.

  • Fulfilled on time: The shipment was fulfilled on-time.

Note: The pending badge is hollow green and the on-time badge is full green.

Grey Badge: Unavailable

A Grey badge will appear in cases in which the estimated fulfillment date is not set.

Available SLA Status:

  • Estimated fulfillment date unavailable on shipments created prior to 07/07/2020: This feature was released on 07/07/2020, any orders synced prior to this date will have a grey badge.

  • Estimated fulfillment date not set - awaiting inventory allocation: Shipment is currently on-hold or exception status and the estimated fulfillment date isn't yet available.

  • Estimated fulfillment date not set - awaiting reset: If the estimated SLA isn't available for any other reason.

Red Badge: Late

A Red badge will appear when SLA was breached.

Available SLA Status:

  • Pending late: Shipment is in processing status and the estimated fulfillment date had passed.

  • Fulfilled late: Shipment fulfilled late.

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