Enable this feature to allow ShipBob to update inventory levels back to your e-commerce store. Note* This feature does NOT sync quantities with Shopify in real time, there are chances you can oversell products in some situations.

Before you enable this feature for your account, please read the notes below:

  • Inventory sync occurs several times per day. This is not a real-time inventory quantity sync.
  • ShipBob will sync to Shopify your Available quantity (= On Hand quantity - Committed quantity - Backordered quantity). This is DIFFERENT from what you will see in the dashboard for fulfillable quantity.
  • ShipBob Will NOT postback negative quantities. If you have negative stock we upload 0 to Shopify.
  • ShipBob will not sync inventory for bundle items or digital items.
  • If a Shopify item is merged to a non-Shopify item (platform source≠Shopify ), we will upload quantities for it.
  • If a Shopify item is merged to another Shopify item we will upload quantities for each item.
  • If an inventory item wasn't created by Shopify (platform source≠Shopify) we will not sync inventory for it (unless merged).
  • Inventory sync available for item quantities across ALL our fulfillment network and we can't postback quantities per FC.

Enable Shopify Inventory Quantities Sync

From the ShipBob dashboard, click on Your Account. Then, go to the Store Management tab.

Check the box under Shopify Inventory Quantities Sync column for each of your Shopify stores. Then click Save.

This checkbox will only be available for Shopify stores.

To disable this feature, simply uncheck the box.

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