In order to receive and count all inventory within our three business day turnaround time, ShipBob requires that each inbound box has an attached WRO paper that accurately matches the product(s) and quantities found in that box.

Sometimes, inventory may come in with WROs that were damaged or removed in transit, which may extend turnaround time. In the event that inventory comes in without a WRO label physically attached to the box, our receiving team will attempt to identify the WRO based on the tracking number found on the label.

In order to ensure a smoother receiving process, it is highly recommended that you select the carrier that will be delivering your WRO and enter the tracking information related to your inventory into the WRO page as soon as it is available. The tracking number should be entered as soon as possible before the inventory is set to arrive. If the tracking number is not entered before your inventory arrives at the fulfillment center, you may experience significant delays in turnaround times.

When entering the tracking number, please keep in mind the following:

  • Most major carriers will provide one master tracking number if there are multiple pieces in the shipment. On the WRO page, please enter all of the individual tracking numbers, not just the master tracking number.

  • Do NOT enter all of the tracking numbers on the same line

  • Do NOT add any extra spaces at the beginning or end of the tracking numbers

  • Do NOT add any other words or characters other than the tracking number, e.g. ‘FEDEX’, ‘master’, ‘see box’, etc..

Common Tracking Number Formats

The most popular shipping carriers in the United States have well established tracking number formats. If you are using one of these carriers to ship inventory to a ShipBob facility, please make sure the tracking numbers entered onto the WRO page match one of these formats

  • USPS: USPS tracking numbers are most commonly 20-digit sequences or a combination of 13 alphanumeric characters.

  • UPS: Most UPS tracking numbers are 18 characters long, starting with either ‘1Z’, ‘9’, or ‘T’

  • DHL: If provided a DHL Waybill Number (10 digit number), please look up and enter the tracking numbers starting with JD for each box in the shipment

  • FedEx: The most common FedEx tracking numbers are 12 digit or 15 digit numbers.

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