Overview of the integration

With Arka's new ShipBob integration, available on the Shipbob Apps & Integrations page, you can order or re-order custom packaging and have it automatically sent to ShipBob.

NOTE: You do not have to have an Arka account set up previously to use this integration.

Custom packaging inventory records created in ShipBob

When you order custom packaging, you need a product record created in ShipBob. The Arka integration takes care of this step for you, saving you time.

Note: after you create your custom packaging, you'll need to create a rule or a bundle for it to get added to each order, and you'll have to ensure to mark the product as a custom box as described here.

Automatic WRO creation

When you complete your Arka order, a new WRO will be created for the destination FC automatically. Multiple FC orders must be filed with Arka as separate orders to avoid confusion.

Setting up your integration

  1. Visit https://www.arka.com/apps/shipbob

  2. Click "Connect to ShipBob", log in using your ShipBob password, name your installation "Arka", and give consent by clicking "Allow"

  3. Order custom packaging from Arka as normal.

4. In the cart, select which ShipBob FC you would like to send the packaging to. The address will be automatically populated.

5. Complete the order. Once done, you will see the packaging item with the SKU beginning "arka-xxxx" on your Products page. You will also see a new Warehouse Receiving Order on your WROs page.

6. Mark the product as a custom box, and arrange any other rules or bundles you need by following the instructions here.

Support & Troubleshooting

This app is built and maintained by Arka. Please contact support@arka.com for any support-related inquiries.

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