Overview of the integration

With the Inventory Planner + ShipBob integration, available on the Shipbob Apps & Integrations page, you can leverage robust and customizable inventory forecasting across any fulfillment centers, and automate the WRO process.

Product records sync'd to Inventory Planner

When you set up the integration, Inventory Planner pulls in all your product records and quantities so your data is all in one place.

Advanced and customizable forecasting

Choose to forecast automatically based on sales data, or customize your calculations to account for seasonality or promos. Inventory Planner will automatically recommend replenishment quantities and alert you when you need to reorder.

Automatic WRO creation

Inventory Planner has tools to automate purchase orders and replenishment. Once a PO is created, you can automate emailing it to your manufacturer and creating a WRO in ShipBob, saving you tons of time. ***Note: Inventory Planner does not at this time support lots/expiration dates with WROs. If you need to add those, you must do so manually within ShipBob.

Setting up your integration

  1. Visit the Apps & Integrations page in your ShipBob dashboard

  2. Find Inventory Planner and click "Get App" on the listing page.

  3. Sign up for an account with Inventory Planner - don't worry, there is a 14-day free trial!

  4. Under Settings, click "New Connection" and then click the "ShipBob" tile.

5. Log into your ShipBob account to authorize Inventory Planner. Once you click "Allow" you'll be sent back to the Inventory Planner setup page. Note: Inventory Planner will ONLY show fulfillment centers that your account is authorized for. You may not have stock at all these locations.

6. You're done! Data will automatically flow into Inventory Planner from ShipBob.

Support & Troubleshooting

This app is built and maintained by Inventory Planner. Please contact support@inventory-planner.com for any support-related inquiries.

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