When shipping your inventory to ShipBob using Floor Loaded Containers, please make sure you are following the instructions below.

Important Notes!

  • We require 1 WRO per container. Each container MUST have WRO attached to it. We will not receive multiple containers with one WRO (these containers will get UROd).

  • If you're sending pallets or floor loaded containers, you have to schedule an appointment at the FC. We will not accept inventory without appointments.

  • If you are shipping floor loaded container that contains one SKU with more than 1 lot number/expiration date (not recommended), you must configure each box separately (as described here).

  • Containers can be picked up 2 business days after the initial appointment time with no additional appointment required please see here for more details on SLAs.

Creating a WRO for floor loaded containers:

Creating a WRO for floor loaded container is similar to other shipping types but

unlike other shipping types (parcel/palletized containers), shipment configuration is not needed (step 4 in the WRO creation flow). Please select 'Save and Continue' to proceed. with the WRO creation flow.

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